How we source our music

There is a credible alternative to licensed music!

We've been producing high-quality original music for business for over 10 years, using an international network of professional musicians and producers. Digital technology has brought down the cost of music recording and production very significantly over the years and it is these reduced production costs combined with an established pool of musical talent and our music expertise that underpins MusicStream.

  • Before any new music is added to the service, it passes through a rigorous process to ensure that it meets our quality threshold, and that it is programmed into the right channels and more iconMore
  • On average 50 new tracks are added every month, to ensure our customers always have new music at their fingertips.
  • Our Music is all rights-inclusive so no need to pay for a PRS/PPL licence and you remain legally more iconMore
  • We provide a revenue stream for many talented composers, producers and musicians outside of the mainstream music business. 

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