MusicStream Refund Policy

The charges we make for our services are Subscription Charges which are either paid for a specific period as a lump sum in advance or monthly in advance for a specified period using a recurring , monthly payment. Details of all our Subscription Charges can be seen on our website here.

We offer a free of charge, fully functional trial subscription to give our customers the opportunity to listen to the music, try the system in a commercial environment and decide if MusicStream is right for their business needs. If you have not taken advantage of the trial we urge you to do so before subscribing. You can initiate a free trial here.

Because we provide you with the opportunity to test our service before you subscribe and make any payment or commitment we do not normally issue refunds to business customers.

If you have subscribed to the MusicStream service as or on behalf of a business we will consider refunding subscription charges in circumstances where you have inadvertently purchased more licenses than you require, subscribed to an additional service such as zoning that you do not need or cannot use or have genuinely misunderstood the nature and obligations of our license agreement.

However if you are an individual that has subscribed to the service and or purchased hardware for your personal use you have the right under consumer law to cancel your contract within seven days of the date of purchase. You will be entitled to a full refund of your subscription and any additional services that you signed up for. If you bought hardware or accessories then providing these are returned in their original, unopened packaging you will receive a full refund including any charges made by us for shipping.

Each application for a refund and or early termination of contract will be considered on an individual basis. The Background Music Company Limited trading as MusicStream reserve the right to make any refund to business customers at their sole discretion.

If you would like to discuss a refund please contact Customer Service on +44 (0)844 8010 710 or use the Contact Support page.


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