What is MusicStream..

It's Music to your ears!


Join the licence free music revolution

MusicStream is the brilliant alternative to licensed-background music, designed for smaller businesses. 

With MusicStream you get the very best rights-inclusive music (aka licence-free, rights-paid, royalty-free), expertly programmed playlists, all easily managed using the MusicStream application and our business-specific music management tools.

You can see a summary of features and pricing options here.


Quality-assured licence-free background music for businesses

We know Music. Our experience spans major and independent Record Labels, music publishing, live performance and music production.

We scour the globe to find the very best rights-inclusive music. We add only the best tracks to our catalogue. Then we program those tracks into a wide range of playlists to take the hassle out of picking the right music for your business.

Listen to samples of our music here OR listen to the whole catalogue free for 28 days by signing up for a free trial (no credit card required)


MusicStream Compatible with PC, Mac and Android

Our service works on most PC, Mac and Android devices and the latest operating systems. Check here for up to date system requirements. 

Our Music sits in the 'cloud' meaning it can be streamed directly to you over an internet connection and played out to your customers. You can also download playlists to your device so that if your internet connection fails, the music will keep playing 'off-line.'

Download the application, connect your device to your music system and off you go.

If you want to run MusicStream on a dedicated Android tablet we recommend the Hudl from Tesco - you can browse Hudl on the Tesco site here.


save money with licence-free royalty-free background music

Why pay for Music performance licences when you don't have to! See how you could save with MusicStream here.

You don't have to pay through the nose to get the perfect sound-track to your business. With Musicstream you don't have to choose between music quality or saving money. You can have both!



The best way to appreciate the benefits of MusicStream is to try it free for 28 days.

Try MusicStream now - no obligation - no credit cards - for 28 days.




Do you Operate Multiple Sites?

We work with our corporate re-sellers to provide a range of corporate solutions offering large multiples additional functionality and services such as audio-branding consultancy, central control of multiple sites, smart messaging services, message production through to complete outsourcing of your music service . MusicStream for Corporates








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